Tony Vounn Joins Liberty Bank

August 18, 2020

Senior Credit Analyst – Bellevue Office

“Liberty Bank is a true community bank, dedicated to serving the needs of local businesses and people. Working for a community bank allows me to work with customers and coworkers on a more personal level and I get to see first-hand how that impacts their lives.”

Tony brings nearly 10 years of experience as a credit analyst to Liberty Bank’s Bellevue office. He has a strong interest in economics, data analysis, and technology. During his career he has specialized in C&I, CRE and consumer lending, in addition to working with high-net-worth individuals in private banking. Prior to joining Liberty Bank, Tony worked at The Commerce Bank, Seattle Bank and Core Business Bank. A resident of Renton, he earned a BA in economics from the University of Washington with a certificate and emphasis in international economics.