Case Study
Eagle Homes Inc. / Don VanDusen, Jody Cryder & Jeff Cryder

Local Bank. Big Vision.

"Liberty Bay Bank: personal relationships with professional people who do what they say they are going to do. That’s the bottom line." Jody Cryder, President, Eagle Homes Inc.

Higher Standards

Founded by Jody Cryder and Don Van Dusen in 1996, Eagle Homes, Inc. is a home-building company that focuses on custom and spec homes. To date, Eagle Homes has built more than 300 houses in Kitsap County and the Gig Harbor area. Jody’s brother, Jeff Cryder, is their construction supervisor. He’s at every job site daily to ensure that everything is done according to their standards.

During the financial crisis in 2006-2008, Eagle Homes’ conservative approach to taking on debt and managing their credit loans helped them get through the economic downturn. They were able to retain their current home financing relationships and they did not lose any crew members along the way. “We went to our subcontractors, discussed the current market conditions, and shared our strategy of how we were going to be able to keep building homes through the downturn when most other builders were not able to,” Jody explains. “We explained that we were all going to have to make less money now, but that we were going to be able to get through this thing together.” And they did. By 2010, Eagle Homes was well-positioned to take advantage of an improving housing market.

After the financial crisis, Eagle Homes was on the search for a new bank. Their criteria? They needed a local bank that could understand the local real estate market. Liberty Bay Bank turned out to be a great fit. “We have been with Liberty Bay Bank for 7-8 years; right from the beginning. They believed in us and believed in the market,” Jody says.


Custom Homes. Personalized Service. Every time.

Eagle Homes, Inc. believes in treating people fairly and telling people the truth when it comes to making the best decisions for their home building budget. Jody spends quality time upfront with customers so they know what they can expect in the construction process. “I treat people like I would treat my family,” Jody explains. “I emphasize a detailed and honest discussion with our customers upfront so that they can choose the right amenities for their home that will fit within their budget. We pride ourselves on being very accurate with our pricing up front.” Eagle Homes, Inc.’s biggest attribute is their personalized service. “We make sure to always answer any questions promptly for our customers. It doesn’t matter if it is before, during, or after they move in to their new home. People know they can count on us. This is our key to success.”

“Denise at Liberty Bay Bank told us what we wanted to hear. We wanted to go to a small town bank who could look at us as not just another local business, but as a business that can grow. It was nice to have a person who we could count on. Liberty Bay Bank was the best option of what was out there. They were on board with our vision for where we wanted to go.”