Case Study
Watson Furniture Group /

Serious solutions for a growing venture.

"My finances are important to me and I choose to work with bankers who take their role, and my money, seriously. Liberty Bay Bank is a great match for Watson. They support us with the same technology used by their larger competitors, but assist that technology with truly remarkable customer service rather than using it to shield me from a real person. It is this combined commitment to highly personal customer service and cost-effective banking which separates them from every other financial institution." Clif McKenzie, CEO

Designs on responsible growth and financial accountability

Since 1991, Clif McKenzie has been CEO of Kitsap-based Watson Furniture Group, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of durable, beautiful, European-inspired office furniture. All of Watson’s products are manufactured at the Orchard, their 34 acre forested headquarter campus in Poulsbo. This state-of-the-art facility converts regionally sourced raw materials to finished goods through advanced CNC machining processes and superior handcraft. Watson employs over 200 people and its products are the corporate standard for many world-class clients such as Boeing and Nike.

As a growing international company with a passion for supporting the regional economy, Watson needed financial resources that were nimble, top-notch, and cost-effective.

Two progressive community partners

Clif conducted extensive research and discovered what he needed at Liberty Bay Bank.  He found the products and services were just as good as the big banks, yet more cost-effective.  Maintaining a strong cash position and avoiding debt enables them to thrive in economic downturns and invest in cutting edge manufacturing techniques and responsible growth.

Watson operates its company on a few core principles: simplicity, dignity, & curiosity. Banking with Liberty Bay Bank delivers the “roll-up-their-sleeves” hard work ethic, time and money saving technologies, and personal service Clif and his team require. The bank is also well matched to Watson’s corporate value for working with local people with a community reinvestment mindset.

Watson Furniture Group was ready for a new breed of relationship banking. Are you?