Liberty Bank would like to recognize and congratulate Galina Georgieva!

Congratulations to Galina Georgieva, VP & Relationship Manager at Liberty Bank, on successfully graduating from the Washington Banker’s Association (WBA’s) Virtual Commercial Lending Development Program! We commend her dedication and hard work in completing the program, which covered essential topics such as business development, financial analysis, cash flow, and loan structure.

“This is my second Professional Development Program that I attended with WBA. The program provided me with a solid foundation of skills and resources as I continue to expand my knowledge and experience in this highly competitive area of banking. I always enjoy WBA Classes”, says Galina.

This achievement not only showcases Galina’s commitment to professional growth but also equips her with valuable knowledge and skills that will undoubtedly benefit both her current clients and future prospects. We are proud to have Galina as a member of our team and look forward to seeing the positive impact of her enhanced expertise on our clients and the organization.

“Congratulations on this significant accomplishment. We appreciate your dedication to advancing your skills and knowledge in the field of commercial lending. Wishing you continued success in your career at Liberty Bank,” says Andy Leikin, EVP & Chief Credit Officer.

Liberty Bank takes great pride in announcing its sponsorship of the YWCA Kitsap County 2023 Women of Achievement Event

Liberty Bank takes great pride in announcing its sponsorship of the YWCA Kitsap County 2023 Women of Achievement Event. As the YWCA celebrates 75 years of unwavering commitment to its mission, we are honored to support their cause. The YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism and empowering women by offering crucial services to survivors of domestic violence and providing educational opportunities to the community in the realms of racial equity and social justice.

At this significant event, we were honored to have esteemed members of our team in attendance: Rhonda Morris, Senior Vice President & Chief Risk Officer; Denise Nicolet, Senior Vice President & Senior Relationship Manager; and Galina Georgieva, Vice President & Relationship Manager. Their presence underscores our bank’s dedication to championing causes that promote equality and empowerment.

For more information about the YWCA Kitsap County and their impactful initiatives, we encourage you to visit their official website: YWCA Kitsap County. Thank you for your support and commitment to making a difference in our community.

Kathleen Sutton Fund Gala

The Kathleen Sutton Fund (KSF) stands as a beacon of hope in our community, functioning as a nonprofit organization dedicated to easing the burdens faced by women traveling to receive cancer treatment. Operating in Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap, and Mason counties, the KSF plays a pivotal role by offering transportation reimbursement to women battling cancer. This year marks a remarkable milestone for the organization as it celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2023. During these two decades of unwavering commitment, the KSF has achieved a significant feat, reimbursing an astounding $1,000,000 to women in our community since its inception in 2003.

At the heart of this accomplishment lies the generous support of organizations like Liberty Bank. Additionally, the Liberty Bank staff demonstrated their commitment by actively participating in the event. Among the dedicated individuals were Kelly Garcia, Branch Manager and Matt Ravagni, Loan Operations Specialist, accompanied by his wife Megan.

This celebration not only marks the remarkable achievements of the KSF but also highlights the collaborative efforts of compassionate individuals and organizations coming together to make a significant difference in the lives of those facing the challenges of cancer. Through this collective support, the KSF continues to be a beacon of hope, providing crucial assistance to women in their journey towards recovery.

Poulsbo Farmers Market – 2023

Liberty Bank takes great pride in sponsoring the Poulsbo Farmers Market, an initiative that actively promotes and supports local agriculture, artisans, and makers. Through sales, education, and advocacy, the market plays a pivotal role in enhancing the community’s economic landscape.

During this event, our esteemed staff members, including Kelly Garcia, Vice President & Branch Manager, Galina Georgieva, Vice President & Relationship Manager, and Rhonda Morris, Senior Vice President & Chief Risk Officer, had the opportunity to engage with the community. Their active participation underscored Liberty Bank’s commitment to fostering connections between market-goers and local businesses.

For more information about the Poulsbo Farmers Market and its initiatives, we invite you to explore their official website: Poulsbo Farmers Market.

10th Annual Hope Gala

Liberty Bank takes immense pride in its sponsorship of Coffee Oasis, an organization committed to a noble mission: restoring community through compassionate youth programs and coffee business. Coffee Oasis strives to provide transformative opportunities through youth programs. In the face of daunting challenges such as abuse, homelessness, depression, and addiction, Coffee Oasis stands as a beacon of hope in our community.

At Liberty Bank, we wholeheartedly endorse Coffee Oasis’s efforts to create pathways of opportunity for our youth, enabling them not only to overcome adversities but also to thrive in the face of adversity. We invite you to learn more about Coffee Oasis and their impactful initiatives by visiting their website at Together, let’s support the invaluable work being done by Coffee Oasis and contribute to building a stronger, more compassionate community for our youth.

Silverdale Rotary Duck Race 2023

Liberty Bank was a proud sponsor of this year’s Silverdale Rotary Duck Race. Our own Galina Georgieva, VP & Relationship Manager was right there for all the action, selling tickets for the big event. The Rotary Club sold 13,128 tickets and raised more than $50,000 that will go back to the community through different projects and other nonprofits that the Silverdale Rotary Club supports. 

WBA Credit Analyst Development Program Graduate – Danielle Hampton

Liberty Bank would like to recognize and congratulate Danielle Hampton, Loan Coordinator Lead for her hard work and completion of the WBA Credit Analyst Development Program.  Danielle’s new certification means a broader knowledge base to help process loans quickly and efficiently.    

“I find joy helping connect customers with the best loan options to meet their unique needs,” says Danielle. “My passion is in details and processes. I enjoy creating efficiencies in the lending process and implementing them in collaboration with my Liberty Bank teammates.  Completing this program adds another layer of experience to my 15 years in commercial and consumer lending, and 20+ years in mortgage processing helping customers navigate just about every trend imaginable.”

“Congratulations to Dani on this incredible achievement and for demonstrating a true commitment to personal and professional growth. Her hard work and dedication inspire us all. Looking forward to seeing the impact she will continue to make in our organization and community,” says Andy Leikin, EVP & Chief Credit Officer.

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Jewel Box Theatre – Kitsap Community

Kitsap County has a rich and vibrant theatre community.  Jewel Box Theater is celebrating their 23rd year. Liberty Bank is excited to again show our support by sponsoring and providing volunteers to the Jewel Box Theater 2023 Gala Fundraiser on March 11th.  Thank you to our staff members, Jeremy Key, Galina Georgieva, Chelsie Calara and Rhonda Morris.

2022 Kathleen Sutton Fund Gala

We at Liberty Bank are extremely happy to continue to support the Kathleen Sutton Fund Gala every year as an event sponsor and with our staff, who volunteer at the annual gala. This amazing organization reimburses transportation costs for women in Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap and Mason counties who are undergoing cancer treatments.

The fund began in 2003 as a small local grassroots organization to help pay transportation costs to women with breast cancer living in North Kitsap County. Due to the tremendous support of the community, grants, and the annual live/silent auction fundraiser, the Kathleen Sutton Fund has expanded its services to women with any type of cancer living in Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap, and Mason counties. To date the fund has reimbursed nearly $770,000 in travel expenses for 1,263 women!

Thank you to our Poulsbo branch manager Kelly Garcia, and professional banker Chelsie Calara for volunteering to staff the registration desk at this year’s Oct. 1 gala, held at the Kitsap Conference Center.

For additional information on Kathleen Sutton Fund, please visit

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