Discovery Workshop: Information Security for the Rest of Us

November 11, 2015

Practical Advice for Small Businesses

The truth is that the majority of data breaches within the United States emanate from small- and medium-sized businesses. Hackers are specifically targeting these smaller businesses because of the difficulty and cost associated with correlating a breach to a small business.

In this Discovery Workshop, the first in a series hosted by Liberty Bank, Brian Morkert, a local technology and security expert, discussed cost-effective solutions that any business can implement to protect itself and its customers from Internet thieves. Brian works daily on the front lines combating Internet miscreants and helping clients design, implement, and manage cost-effective network security and technology solutions that align with business needs.

Local business owners met to learn about and discuss topics including how data breaches are identified; security awareness training at work and home; what’s appropriate in security testing; and managed services and outsourcing. Also reviewed were common threats of today and those recently in the news; why traditional anti-virus doesn’t work and what does work; and what to do if you suspect you’re a victim.

Check Liberty Bank’s calendar for future quarterly Discovery Workshops, which are free and open to the regional community.