Discovery Workshop: Be Your Own Landlord

February 11, 2016

Understanding the Difference Between Leasing and Buying

With historically low rents and historically low prices and interest rates for commercial real estate, which option is best? It’s a common question, and the answer is rarely obvious. This workshop explained the economic difference between the two scenarios. We did the math that demonstrated the nuances between paying rent to someone else, and paying it to yourself. Cash invested in real estate is cash that becomes unavailable to the business, but SBA Loan programs, tax benefits, and the ability to sell the property at a future date are all factors to be considered.

Kelly Muldrow from the Windermere Real Estate’s Commercial Practice Group was available to share his expertise and resources for accessing SBA 504 funds. Kelly Muldrow is a Managing Broker in Windermere Real Estate’s commercial practice group. Since 2004, Mr. Muldrow has been involved in real estate sales and leasing, investment analysis, and commercial development, representing a broad array of clients, including investors, developers, tenants and small businesses.

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