Pandemic Scams

December 10, 2020

During this pandemic and with the holiday shopping season, we are seeing an increase in cybercrime.  We care about your financial security and we want you to enjoy peace of mind, while still enjoying the convenience of the digital age.  Here are a few tips to help you keep your information secure:

Log Out:  Any time you finish using online banking, always log out.

Protect Your Passwords: Never share your passwords, especially over unprotected internet or Wi-Fi networks. 

Trust Your Gut: Never open texts or emails that seem suspicious, especially if it’s from a person or business you don’t know, or if you did not initiate the conversation.  Always go directly to known and trusted sites.

Never Share Your Information: Criminals will try to trick you into revealing private information so they can steal your money and/or your identity.  Never give them your information.  If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Liberty Bank, requesting information, or access to your computer, call us immediately.  Beware of fake calls from Apple and Amazon support.

Please refer to the Federal Trade Commission site for the latest scams and on how to file a fraud report, if you do become a victim.