Selling Your Business

Six steps to help you prepare for the day you don’t own your company.

Like it or not, it’s inevitable that one day you won’t own your business anymore. How prepared the company is for that day will have a major impact on all kinds of things: on your retirement or next endeavor, your family, your employees and your customers.  Let’s discuss the things that will ensure the transition is successful.

Topics Include:

  • Transfer, sell or close it?
  • What does the company look like without you?
  • Getting the house in order
  • Professional help or go it alone?

About the Speaker

Mike Moroney works with OneAccord, a Pacific NW based consulting group that helps clients operate, buy or sell their business in order to achieve their goals. Prior to joining OneAccord, Mike spent 20 years leading middle market companies as either CEO or chief operating officer (COO). Over the course of his career he has consistently brought together teams to improve profitability, accelerate growth and create a positive workplace. Prior to leading these companies, Mike was an investment banker and a commercial banker assisting middle market companies raising capital and transitioning businesses.

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