Case Study
The Team / Clark Construction


"With Liberty Bay Bank, I can call them and they know who I am. " Rachele Turnbull, President, Clark Construction, LLC

Tell us more about your business.

When was your company founded? What do you love about the work you do?

Clark Construction, LLC was founded on Bainbridge Island in 2006 by Rachele Turnbull and her father, Arnold F. Clark. After two years Arnold retired, and Rachele remains at the helm of the company today. The Clark team takes pride in the work they do and is comprised of highly skilled professionals with a passion for building high quality end products. Clark completes custom residential new builds and remodels, as well as multifamily, commercial, and mixed-use projects on Bainbridge Island, the Kitsap Peninsula, and the Seattle area.

What made you choose Liberty Bay Bank? What do they bring to you and your business such that you know this is your bank of choice?

Liberty Bay Bank understands construction and the unique finance needs for the industry, which is not common with banks. You can build a relationship with people at Liberty Bay Bank – it is not just a revolving door. LBB is flexible and willing to work with us to understand our financing requirements. They are nearby, so we can visit them in person if we need to.

Where do you see your company’s core values being matched by Liberty Bay Bank’s values?

One of our core values is to be a good community member, which we see reflected in LBB’s commitment to community engagement. We also try to be innovative in our solutions to construction problems, just as LBB is innovative in the way they serve their varying clients. Like LBB, we always put customer service first, regardless of size of project (remodel up to multifamily and commercial).

What makes the local area special?

The community in this region is incredibly supportive and collaborative and has been vital to our growth. In return, we believe it is our responsibility to give back. The people we work with care deeply about how their community is developed and about the environment. We feel we have a symbiotic relationship with the community; we support them and they support us. We place great importance in sponsorship of local organizations and in volunteerism. In this tight-knit community, positive word-of-mouth is vital for a business. By building quality projects with integrity and transparency, we earn the respect of the community and build strong relationships which often lead to more referral business. The Pacific Northwest also has a wealth of amazing architects, subcontractors, and craftsmen, and we feel very fortunate to work within the construction industry in this region.