Case Study
Paul Gurtler & Jim Fisher / Clear Creek RV Center

Partners on the Road to Adventure.

"Our business helps people have fun, that’s why it’s enjoyable. The clientele come in dreaming of how they’ll travel and use their RV. We’ve helped generations of families fulfill their dreams, and make the right choice. The long term relationship we have with Liberty Bay Bank is truly vital to supporting Clear Creek RV’s mission to make our clients’ dreams come true." Paul Gurtler, Co-Owner, Clear Creek RV Center

Clear Creek RV Center in Silverdale was founded as a family-owned business over 40 years ago, and Paul Gurtler acquired it from the original owners in 2004. Jim Fisher joined the leadership team as co-owner and general manager in 2014. They’ve also just expanded with a second location on Kitsap Way in Bremerton, allowing an even wider offering of Highland Ridge / Jayco and Winnebago vehicles, along with some of the hottest models in travel vans, trailers, used RVs, plus parts and accessories. RV travel, living and camping is a globally expanding trend.

“The secret to our success is not only a strong inventory with a breadth of options to choose from for all ages of buyers, it is our no-pressure approach to sales,” says Jim. “We’re in the happiness business, and we want clients to be sure they take their time to make the right choice. As a result we have a lot of repeat business, and a stellar service department.”

Inventory, Loyalty and a Community Approach

In 2009, Liberty Bay Bank stepped up to help Clear Creek RV more competitively finance their expanding inventory. “Flooring financing in the vehicle industry and the related inventory tracking is not an easy thing to do,” notes Paul, “but Liberty Bay Bank rose to the challenge and they continue to be dedicated to doing an excellent job. Like us, they are a community-focused business that is dedicated to client satisfaction, and they also give back to the communities they serve. It’s been a long and vital relationship, and we’re proud to be an Liberty Bay Bank client.”

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