Case Study
Bishop Larry Robertson & Tara Hanes / Marvin Williams Center

Building stronger community.

"Whatever you are dreaming, you have to have a good lawyer, a good CPA, and a good banker. These people need to dream with you, because they become your laborers, part of the how you work your field and ultimately succeed. Liberty Bay Bank has an exceptional culture of caring and community investment. They helped us find solutions. They walk their talk." Bishop Lawrence Robertson

Bishop Larry Robertson has been a pastor for over 38 years, and about eight years ago he had a vision:  to create a community center that would reach out to and meet the needs of youth and families living in Kitsap County’s most dense and diverse areas.  The concept of the New Life Community Development Agency, a registered 501-(c)3 non-profit, was born.  Today, with years of diligence, collaborative hard work, a range of community partners, and financing arranged by Liberty Bay Bank, the new Marvin Williams Recreation Center in East Bremerton is under construction.

Skills training, health, and wellness close disparity gaps.

The Marvin Williams Center is a far-reaching community revitalization project that seeks to empower hard to reach young people and adults so they have a third place: not home, not work, not school, that they can come to for a range of education and wellness resources to improve their lives. The Center will be a safe, uplifting, and affirming place, and offer mentoring, GED tutors, and access to health and wellness services.  A full commercial kitchen will offer job training and support for entrepreneurs in the culinary trades, such as food trucks. Partners like Olympic College and regional medical providers are engaged, and there will be spaces for other non-profits to hold meetings and do outreach.  Bishop Larry’s dream is coming true.

Are you ready for a community bank that can help you realize your dream?